Are you looking for the Best gift supplier in UAE ?

Gifting in UAE is very popular .whether it is for personal event or for a company . But when it comes to Corporate or promotional giveaway gift, we are talking about quantity , fast delivery time , the best quality (so your boss won’t get piss ) .

so , you must have a proper supplier , with proper knowledge and experienced and someone who is listening to you carefully.

you can find so many gift supplying website ,FB pages in UAE. But how you will know if they can meet your requirement or if they will do a quality job for you ? . Big question ha,…. don’t worry , gift ideas UAE has a better solution for your gift customizing in Dubai ,UAE.

These are the few key factors you can consider ,when you are looking for promotional / corporate gift supplier in UAE or gift supplier for your next exhibition happening in UAE.

corporate gifts for men

01.Do they have what you are looking for ?

Most of the time , suppliers want to sell what they have rather than to help you fulfill your requirement ( the product  you saw on a FB post or one of your colleague has it ,lol ) .So make sure they are ready to do something out of the box , and help you to get what you want .


02.What about the quality ?

We advice always ask a pre – production sample and check with you gift supplier in UAE or the printing service provider. In this way you can avoid a lot of trouble which may comes in last moment. It is possible to send some photos through emails , but the ideal option is to have sample on your hand physically and confirm the order.

03.Is it worth ?

To answer this question , it is YES simply. In UAE , giving a gift to your customers in any function or exhibition is a free advertising (of course you are paying for the items ). But a gift means ,something that you will keep with you and use for daily basis . (these are some of the simple yet powerful daily using items to gift in Dubai UAE) So whom ever they are interacting , you brand will be interact . They will see your logo in Mug , on a pen, on USB what so ever it printed and they are using regular .

What are the simple steps you can follow to make sure , you are getting the best result ?


Ask few suppliers about their products . You can find many suppliers online , you can ask from friends who may have done some works before .


02.Ask for sample 

Ask them to show their existing product sample . Ideally an item with Print on it ( Or Embroidery , UV print any mean of logo brand that you are going to use ). Trust me , many suppliers are even busy to show you a sample and have a small meeting with you :P.    

03.See a online Mock up 

Once you are happy about their quality and if you feel their worth for the service (Don’t expect Best quality and service cheap prices ) , you can ask for online Mock up . So you can have a better ideas about how your logo looks on the item . which position is best to get the better result . And this will help you to save your lot of time and avoid any mistake later. So, pay attention to this step carefully .

03.Confirm the order and as for preproduction sample .

The next step is , come to mutual agreement about payment terms . You can pay 50% advance payment (you can check their liability by simply checking their trade license in Dubai ) or raise an LPO. Then final step is ,ask a preproduction sample .

Unless it is offset printing , in most of other printing services … you can have a pre production sample .

Gift Ideas UAE have understood all above steps and put the valuable thoughts about client to our system . What we believe is Customer is King . So, please let us help you to make your life easier in Gift supplying process and have amazing product branded with your logo .

Shukran ! 

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