Balloons in UAE- 12inches latex balloon

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Branding Option:  Screen print 01 color

Balloon Size when air filled : Up to 12 “

Available colors:  Red | Green | White | Black | Gold | Blue | Silver |Yellow | Orange


Balloons suppliers in UAE very rare and specially when it comes to latex balloons plus printing on them. In UAE , we are keeping ready stock of these balloons over 10 different colors. The 12 inches size (30 Cm) once fully air filled is the standard size .

The Branding option is very simple and straight . Single color logo printing is possible on single side or two sides. In Dubai,UAE the balloons printing and balloons decoration is very famous at every National function . Even in every mall there will be new open or promotion in UAE.The special favor goes to Green,red,white balloons :). We as a balloon supplier in Dubai , UAE always trying to provide the best quality and clean printed balloons always.

One packet comes in 100 balloons . Remember ,These balloons are not cheap quality stinky ones. You will  not regret of giving a quality balloon with your brand on it to a kid or an adult .

So why are the balloons still famous in promotional events and advertising in Dubai, Abu dhabi ,UAE. Because ,it is fun and user friendly , easy to customized , with us even it is faster than ever before.


The qualities which make a good latex balloon:

  • peripheral wall thickness is regular
  • good end gelation
  • free of pinholes
  • good bead rolling
  • a “favorable” taste (if you have ever bought cheap, party store balloons and blew them up by mouth, then you know what this means!)

1 review for Balloons in UAE- 12inches latex balloon

  1. Melisa Perera

    Quick turnover in production. Had to find a solution after A bad incident from my past supplier. Gift ideas did a amazing work. Thanks from serco dcc team .

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