Gift Box


Gift Box

When it comes to branding, presentation is everything. Our bespoke gift boxes are perfect for any type of gift, hamper, wine box, jewellery box, and more. At gift ideas UAE, you can custom design your gift box packaging based on any size, print or shape you like. Our collapsible, flat pack, high strength gift boxes can ship across Australia and internationally, rigid enough to maintain their design in transit and flexible enough to save you storage space. Our flat pack gift boxes are for shipping and mean that you won’t have to worry about finding room for them in your business.

If you want your company’s packaging to sing praises to your branding and compliment your message, send your clients PR Packaging. It’s high quality, glossy gift boxes to wrap up anything of your choice and leave a lasting impression. It’s designer packaging and folding that presents your products exactly the way you like it. Drive new and existing clients to you with bespoke wrapping from PR Packaging.

Browse our range of collapsible, flat pack gift boxes below:


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