ID card priting


PVC ID Cards  CR80

Product information : size 86 x 54 mm

Printing option : Full color print

Use of the product : Staff identity | membership cards | Loyalty card | Voucher card


. ID card is a essential item on any company. Identity is a very important in a office environment . In Dubai ,many companies are working with us in this field .

We have PVC material ID card ,which is suitable for full color printing. Also, we have RFID ID card as well.

You can select between Normal printed ID card or RFID ID card depend on your requirement .

In gift ideas UAE we have experienced staff to provide you the best option in ID card printing in UAE.

Also ,we have been providing businesses and organizations, large and small, with ID card and membership card printing solutions around the UAE, and we pride ourselves on our extensive support and customer care.

CR80 ID cards: Credit card size brings familiarity and convenience

CR80 represents the most common ID card size. These cards are more commonly known as credit card-size ID cards .

CR80 cards are used in a variety of common applications, including drivers’ licenses, student ID cards and employee badges.

These cards measure 2.13″ x 3.38″, or approximately 54 mm x 86 mm.And, CR80 cards are a popular choice for Identity credentials because their size is very familiar, as most people have some kind of credit card in their wallet or purse.

CR80 cards offer enough space for the basics, including things like a small user photo, a custom logo and some lines of text.



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