Lanyards 20mm


Lanyards in Dubai very famous among all the companies.Every company needs ID card for their staff.One of the most popular way to hang the ID cards are using Lanyards around the neck .Because ,it is easy to visible that way and easy to use and remove.

Another great example of use of lanyards are in events and exhibitions happening in Dubai, Abu dhabi or any where in UAE.Again, the simplicity yet durability and security is the advantage of Lanyards.

This particular model is 20 mm width and length in one side is 45 cm.So,total would be 90 cm. It has a Safety clip at the back ,which is the unique feature in this model.This feature can helpful for women ,specially when the y want to remove the lanyards quickly .

Lanyards Printing in Dubai

The lanyards are comes in standard colors.Those are solid colors.Colored lanyards can be printed in Solid colors.Mostly the print is single color.Because , it will help to stand out the logo.The print method is screen print.


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