Paper Bag customize in dubai


Gift bag is a kind of packaging, which refers to the bag for putting and packing gifts. Nowadays, people can see the use of gift bags everywhere. A beautiful gift bag can better display your gifts. With the changing lifestyle, consumers’ demands for paper gift bag are also increasing.


Description:Medium gloss laminated bag with rope handle.

Product Code:Paper bag

Product_Size: Small 27 (w) x 32(h) x 13 cm

Medium  27 (w) x 32(h) x 13 cm

Large  32 (w) x 42(h) x 10 cm

Colors available:Black, Red, Blue, White


Are you looking for paper bag supplier in Dubai ? Paper bags are very important in trading and shops. These bags can use as gift bags. For your shop. and to distribute in exhibition in UAE.

These bags are pre laminate. 250 GSM with matte finish. The rope handles are giving you a stronger grip yet smooth surface to carry them.

If you are a small business ,who requires a small quantity of bags this is a good option for you. If you require a larger quantity ,we can customize them in offset printing here in UAE.

In Dubai daily life ,we can see 90% people carrying a bag . When they are going to office they have to carry their belongings . Apart from a normal hand bag like this kind a paper bag is very helpful. Therefor, you are giving the people a valuable gift.

The lamination of this bags in Dubai is water proof.So the durability is a long period .

So if you are looking for paper bag supplier or printer in Dubai, Abu dhabi in UAE gift ideas uae ready to serve you.

Moreover ,the use of the bags are as Gift bags ,Shopping bags, Give away bags etc.

We are a real supplier in dubai for ready made paper bags and customize them. We are specialized in providing paper bags for various occasions.Instead of a regular empty bag, try to put your logo on them with nice design and attract more customers in Dubai,uae.

We are also providing eco friendly paper bags now in dubai.


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